A poem for my son, on his first birthday

To carry you in my body

To feel your first fluttery kicks in my belly

To feel that rib cage kick and eventual roll over inside me

To labor with you, fighting to get you turned the right way

To hear your first cry and breath of air

To see the tears in your dad's eyes

To feel your warmth against my skin, crying out in victory

To connect with you eye to eye for the first time, realizing the miracle God has been up to

To sustain you with my body

To see the past, present and future in another person's face

To be your mom.


To be trusted to raise you

To teach you about the world and your Heavenly Father who created you

To find joy in all the forgotten things:

The birds that chirp

The dogs barking

The wind rustling through the trees

How water falls and splashes

The way sugar tastes, igniting a smile across your tiny face

The way fingers and hands move things

The way legs, toes and feet carry you to new places

How sound can breathe life into your soul and colors bring twinkle to your eyes

The beautiful difference in each and every person and

How life brings abundant joy and humility to all who encounter it.


A year ago, life changed.

A year ago, you were born

And I was reborn with you.