An Open Letter to My Husband for Valentine's Day

When we got married, I knew without a doubt that I loved you and was willing to love you until the end of my days.  What I didn't know was how much that could multiply.

I didn't know having our son would change me in such a profound way.  Yes, I became a mom for the first time... but I became so much more than that.  I became the mother of your child.  For the first time, I saw an extension of you in a tiny, innocent, perfect human being.  My love for you multiplied the day we met August.

I've entered into a whole new dimension of love.  It's a kind of love that transcends our own relationship.  I see August's crooked smile, I look at his profile when he stares up at you, and I see the purest form of you sitting before me.

I see the way you look at him, joy emanating through your eyes.  I see the excitement in your smile as we witness milestone after milestone.  I see the tenderness you extend, the way your broad shoulders soften when he's in your arms. 

I listen to the way you speak to me, your mom, your sisters and any woman you encounter.  I love you even more when I imagine the impact you will have on our son as your example molds him into a gentleman, protector, a man after God's own heart.  This tiny reflection of you will be a piece of your legacy.

The way you love me is part of your legacy, too.  When someone declared that I am too passionate, you lifted me up and said, "Don't lose your passion.  It's beautiful."  I'll never forget that.  It's the most profound compliment you could possibly give me.

When I doubted if I was capable, you surrounded me with motivation and hope.  You have a way of showing me my potential.  

You make me want to create.  You take my ideas seriously.  You see the abstract that I see and add definition.  You help my vision come to fruition.

You encourage me to do better, be better, love better.  You make the road to chase my dreams more smooth.  You affirm my role as a mother and wife.  You affirm my role as an artist, writer, an individual.

You give.  You give and you give and you give.  You gave the coat off your back to a homeless man in a parking lot.  You gave our groceries to another man in need.  You raced to our neighbors house shirtless and barefoot in the middle of the night when you heard him calling for help.  You invited a stranger to eat with us on our anniversary.  We bought him a beer, gave him money for a bus ticket, and shared stories.  You willingly give your time to any and all who don't even know they need it.   

To my love on Valentine's Day, I never imagined my heart would be capable of so much.  This transcendent love is immeasurable.  My words are not enough.

I love you.